Metals (including foundry)

At Unite Legal Services, we recognise the range of skills within the metals sector, and understand the potential risks you face.

Molten metal and water explosions, slips and trips or exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace can all result in serious and even life-threatening personal injuries.

Workers in your sector are at risk of more than just accidents. Long-term health problems can also arise from the work that you do.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) from the use of hand-held power tools, manual handling – which accounts for almost a quarter of all limb pain and disorders in the molten metal industries – or frequent exposure to dust and fumes can all affect a worker’s health.

Unite Legal Services works closely with employers and safety representatives to ensure Unite members are provided with the appropriate equipment and training they need to carry out their work safely and reduce the risk of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Unite Legal Services can help in the short and long-term

Unite Legal Services provides expert legal assistance to members who are injured at work and can assist you with pursuing a claim for an accident or occupational disease.

If you suffer from any industrial disease or illnesses, then we can help.

As a Unite member, you are also entitled to legal support and cover for road traffic accidents, serious injuries and accidents away from work.

Non-working family members are also covered for accidents away from work, on the roads or on holiday.

Unite Legal Services will deal with your claim swiftly and professionally and you will receive 100% of your damages. There are no fees, no deductions and no surprise costs.

Start your claim today using our online claim form or by calling Unite Legal Services on 0800 709 007.