Legal services for life

As a Unite member, you’re covered for a full range of legal services.

We have dedicated solicitors who are experts in handling claims on behalf of Unite members who have suffered personal and serious injuries including road traffic accidentsbrain or spinal injuriesasbestos and industrial diseases.

Members also benefit from expert representation in pursuing a claim for clinical negligence. The service provided has been negotiated by Unite in the best possible terms.

Members’ families, who are not in employment, are also covered for personal and serious injuries away from work, including on holiday and on the roads.

In addition to personal injuries and employment matters, you can contact Unite Legal Services to get support with conveyancing, will writing, powers of attorney and living wills. We also provide a free legal helpline for members for up to half an hour of free advice on non-work related matters. Call us on 0800 709 007.

Unite members who use Unite Legal Services to pursue a personal injury or employment claim keep 100% of their compensation – whatever the injury, however complex the claim.

Conditions of eligibility for Unite Legal Services:

  • Members are entitled to legal assistance in accordance with Rule 4.6 of the union Rule Book in force at the time
  • Eligibility for legal services in respect of personal injury claims is immediate upon joining the union; for all other legal services, 4 weeks' full paying membership is required
  • Unite legal assistance is granted at the sole discretion of the Executive Council of the union and can be withdrawn or varied at any time.

Start your claim today using our online claim form or by calling Unite Legal Services on 0800 709 007.

Contact your regional Unite office for an employment matter.