Maternity Rights

Unite Legal Services is proud to support #MaternityRights, a campaign aimed at ending pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace, run by charity Maternity Action.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is on the rise in the workplace. In 2005 45% of pregnant women and new mothers reported experiencing some form of discrimination in work, however by March 2016 this figure had risen to 77%.

Each year an estimated one in nine new mothers and pregnant women in employment will lose their job as a result of pregnancy discrimination. Furthermore, 200,000 women face health and safety risks, 100,000 are discouraged from attending their antenatal appointments and 100,000 experience harassment from their employers or co-workers.

Maternity discrimination affects the wellbeing of pregnant women, new mothers and babies, and beyond its direct impact on women and their children, maternity and pregnancy discrimination also contributes towards gender inequality and is reflected in the gender pay gap.

Unite aims to fight discrimination wherever, whenever and however it occurs. We join Maternity Action in campaigning for an end to pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace which requires effective action from the Government and a genuine commitment to eradicating discrimination in workplaces across the UK.

Visit the Maternity Action website for more information about the #MaternityRights campaign, or log in to our legal resources hub to download guides and booklets relating to pregnancy and maternity employment rights.