Show Racism the Red Card

Unite Legal Services is proud to support leading UK anti-racism education charity, Show Racism the Red Card, in its work harnessing the power and profile of football to help educate the public on issues of race in society.

Stamping out prejudice in all parts of our society – whether on or off the pitch, in or outside of work – is vital for creating a safe, equal and inclusive environment for everyone.

The call for racial equality has come a long way since Viv Anderson, the first black man to play for England in 1978, was subjected to disgraceful abuse which was nothing to do with his footballing ability. Since its conception in 1996, Show Racism the Red Card has worked tirelessly to educate young people and adults to stamp out racism both in sport and in society.

Modern football is, by and large, now racism-free, with supporters and players alike coming out in defence of equality and acceptance if incidents of racism do occur.

However, it is only through continued vigilance and education that racism will be driven out of society for good. It is for that reason Unite Legal Services continues to support campaigns like Show Racism the Red Card, enabling them to deliver anti-racism training and workshops in workplaces and schools right across the UK.

It is Unite’s intention to stamp out racism wherever it occurs – whether on the football pitch or factory floor. Everyone should expect to be welcomed into a workplace without prejudice and free from discrimination due to race, religion or ethnicity.