Bill's story

Unite member and former pipe fitter, Bill Harvey, was one of the thousands of workers affected by the blacklisting scandal, which saw construction workers named on a blacklist and denied work because they were trade union members.

Bill and his family suffered hugely because of the financial strain of unemployment, causing him and his late wife ill health as they tried to provide for their children.

Following the discovery of the scandal, Unite the Union waged a five-year fight against household construction names, such as Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd and Balfour Beatty Engineering Services, and some 30 other firms who were part of the conspiracy.

This has resulted in more than £10 million in compensation secured for 256 workers who were victims of the blacklist. 

Unite has pledged to continue to close the net on blacklisting by actively exposing those companies and individuals involved, and supporting members who believe that they have been discriminated against for simply being a member of a trade union. 

Watch Bill and his daughter, Jessica Sparrowhawk, talk about how they’ve been affected by the blacklisting scandal: