Darren's story

I was fortunate that I was a member of Unite and had Unite Legal Services. I had interim payments as I went along and rehabilitative treatment.

Darren was crushed by a car at work as it hit him and forced him into a bench, resulting in a shattered pelvis.

After his accident, Darren was rushed to hospital by helicopter where it was confirmed that he had two fractures to his pelvis across both hip sockets, a fracture to his lower spine as well as bruising and crushing to his abdomen.

As a result of his injuries, Darren needed extensive medical treatment.

He contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a claim for compensation and within six months substantial damages had been secured.

Unite Legal Services dealt with Darren’s case using the Multi-Track Code, meaning it encouraged early dialogue with the Defendant.

An immediate needs assessment was carried out for him where it was agreed how Darren could be helped both medically and practically after his accident.

Darren said:

“At the time, we had a new born child at home. It was a difficult time for me and knowing that there was some back-up for me was invaluable

“I received counselling to deal with the traumatic effects of the accident. I had a vocational assessment to try to assist me back into work. I was able to liaise with an expert when we came to consider settling the claim for the future, who gave me advice about future risks in terms of my condition so I could make an informed choice about settlement.

“I am happy that I have received 100% of the damages and would like to thank Unite Legal Services for its assistance in this matter.”