Paul's story

Although my condition’s not going away, it’s been a real relief to have received such phenomenal support from Unite Legal Services to help manage things. Being a member of Unite has proved to be invaluable.

With the support of Unite Legal Services, Paul Davis from Gloucestershire, who developed noise-induced hearing loss as a result of working at a vehicle parts manufacturer, has received compensation.

Paul worked with various excessively noisy machines and furnaces during his employment at the company from 1981, which resulted in him suffering from tinnitus and having to be fitted with hearing aids. The Unite member explained that the constant ringing in his ears is particularly pronounced when trying to go to sleep.

Paul had access to industrial disease legal experts at Unite Legal Services who went on to secure compensation for him.

Paul said:

“It’s staggering just how much this has impacted my life. I’ve had to make real adjustments and I find I particularly struggle in loud places. Also, when there are lots of sounds going on simultaneously, I find it hard to make out particular sounds and words – it’s more like one big drone.”