Steve's story

I would absolutely recommend Unite Legal Services to other members.

Steve*, who is employed as a process operator, was cycling to work at around 6.50am along a single carriageway on a B road.

It was still dark at the time so he was wearing a jacket with reflective strips and had two rear lights and two front lights on his bicycle.

As he was cycling, a car drove past him and clipped him, forcing his bike onto the kerb. The front wheel of his bike struck the kerb and he fell forward over the handlebars, landing on a grass verge.

The driver did not stop and Steve wasn’t able to get details of the vehicle or the driver.

Steve called the Police who attended the scene and took details of what had happened, and then he visited his local A&E department. He had suffered an injury to his shoulder and was referred for physiotherapy.

Steve contacted Unite Legal Services who submitted a claim to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) under the Untraced Drivers’ Scheme. Unite Legal Services arranged for him to meet with an MIB investigator and medical evidence was subsequently obtained, which led to a settlement negotiated to the sum of £2,500.

Steve said:

“I was very happy with the service provided by Unite Legal Services and was very happy with the outcome of my case”.

* Names may have been changed to protect the identity of our member.