Bostik workers make the best of a sticky situation

All 135 Unite manufacturing and staff members employed by Bostik at their Stafford site began an historic walkout by taking part in a 24-hour strike on Tuesday 3 May 2016.

Members also commenced an indefinite overtime ban from that date. The industrial action was in protest at the company's decision to close the pension scheme and replace it with an inferior one.

In serving notice for the second strike date, Neil Salter, regional officer, said: "I repeated our call to management to return to the negotiating table. Management responded positively to this and the Union’s Shop Stewards committee and I got back around the table.

“After many hours of hard bargaining, we got a deal that could be put to the union’s members. Whilst the deal did not ensure the return of the original pension scheme, we achieved the key union objective of 'fairness for all', as the DC members would now receive compensation in the same way that the DB members had been compensated.

“Given the employers adamant refusal to negotiate on this point previously, this was a solid bargaining achievement facilitated by Unite Legal Services. As we had already secured for the first time the introduction of a company funded Permanent Health Insurance Scheme for all members, the deal was accepted by 82 votes to 33."

Stef Blasczyk, West Midlands regional legal officer, stated: “With the support of Unite Legal Services, our members at Bostik Stafford have been able to secure an outcome that a majority of our members now find acceptable. This is another fine example of how Unite Legal Services is supporting members and its industrial full-time officers in the workplace."