Employee sacked after raising health and safety concerns wins compensation with Unite Legal Services

Unite member, Adrian, was working as a porter within a residential block of flats when he was sacked by his employer after voicing concerns about the health and safety arrangements of a refurbishment contract.

He itemised a number of missing procedures, which were legally required to be in place to protect everyone from highly dangerous asbestos fibres in the building. But his complaint cost him his job.

Unite Legal Services pursued his claim vigorously and, after a successful decision on liability and an indication from the Judge about what period of loss he would award Adrian, agreement was reached that he would receive £24,500.

Adrian said: "I brought my health and safety concerns to the attention of my employer as stated in my contract of employment. Instead of taking my concerns seriously, I was shown the door!

“It beggars belief that employers can act in this manner in this day and age. Mr Cameron has helped rogue employers by increasing the time limit needed for unfair dismissal cases as well as introducing fees for Employment Tribunal cases. Unite Legal Services was absolutely vital in bringing justice in this case, I strongly urge anyone considering joining Unite to do so."

Hugh O’Shea, branch secretary at Unite, said: “We are delighted that justice once again prevailed. Our member lost his job for questioning procedures and for showing concern for the safety of others. All organisations must be brought to account when they are found to be putting people’s lives at risk.

“This case is another example of the huge benefits Unite membership provides with direct access to expert support and to legal representation, which is vital in the current working climate.”