Family of Unite member killed in road accident is compensated

The family of a man who died when a speeding lorry driver hit him has received compensation with the backing of Unite Legal Services.

Unite member, David Moore, was cycling home on his 31st birthday after a 12-hour shift at Accolade Wines Ltd in Avonmouth at the time of the fatal incident. As he crossed St Andrews Road, he was hit by a speeding lorry.

One of David’s colleagues, who had left work by car at the same time as him, saw the collision in his rear view mirror and immediately called emergency services.

David was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Work on the road he was crossing meant that there was a contraflow system in place. The speed limit had been lowered to 30 mph but the lorry driver was travelling at 54 mph when he hit David – almost double the recommended limit.

David’s mother, Catherine Kahan, said: “The section of road that David was crossing is a notorious black spot but that’s no excuse, especially for a professional driver, to have been so reckless.

“If he had been paying attention and not driving at almost twice the speed he should have been, there’s a good chance that my son would have survived. “No words can describe what it’s like to lose a child and especially in such unfair circumstances; my son died on his birthday. The accident should never have happened – it was completely avoidable and knowing this makes it more difficult to accept.”

After the accident, Catherine Kahan contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a claim for compensation on behalf of David’s family. The lorry driver responsible for David’s death was sent to prison.

Catherine added: “Nothing will bring David back, but Unite Legal Services provided so much support for our family at a time when we were at our lowest and for that we will always be very grateful.”

Janet Wall, regional officer at Unite the Union’s Bristol office, said: “This is yet another tragic example of just how dangerous Britain’s roads can be. David died on a July evening at approximately 7pm, so it was light at the time and the reduced speed limit was clearly signposted.

“The impact of David’s death will have a lasting effect on his friends and family’s lives forever. David had caring responsibilities for his grandparents, so the compensation secured will be used to make sure that there is sufficient funds to pay for their ongoing care.”