Labour’s manifesto will make people ‘stand tall again’, says McCluskey

Only the Labour party offers ‘real change’ for the country and the opportunity for working people and their communities to ‘stand tall again’ said Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey.

Responding to the launch of the Labour party manifesto earlier this week, the leader of Britain’s largest union, Unite, went on to warn that working people had been at the sharp end of Conservative cuts for too long and that under the Tories life will only get tougher.

Commenting on Labour’s manifesto launch, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “What Labour is doing is what Labour does best – offering real change for the many in this country. Labour will invest in our people and build a Britain that we can all be proud of.

“For those who want to see our children given a chance, to see that work really pays, that our elderly and vulnerable are no longer degraded by government policy, then the answer is to vote Labour.

“For too long, working people have been at the sharp end of Conservative cuts and disastrous economic mismanagement - and they will be again if that party takes power on 8 June.

“The reality of Conservative rule is that for those not protected by power and wealth, life gets tougher.

“In every aspect of life – from an affordable home to a safe NHS, from a decent education for all our kids to a living wage and a decent job – the story of the Tory party is that our communities suffer.

“The Labour party will put a halt to this. Under Labour, working people and their communities will stand tall again.”

Click here to see the Labour Party’s manifesto plans to enhance worker rights and battle bogus self-employment.

Unite Legal Services fully supports Labour’s plan to provide a Fair Deal at Work, which includes a zero hour contract ban, additional holidays, increases to the minimum wage, an end to the public sector pay cap, abolition of employment tribunal fees, reversal of anti-trade union laws and other much needed changes.