Lead Exposure Register launched by Unite

Exposure to lead at work can cause significant health issues.

There is legislation in place to prevent and control exposure, but sadly some employers will not comply with the relevant laws and thereby expose their workforce to the risks of lead.

Unite has launched a Lead Exposure Register. The register allows members who have been exposed to lead at work to record their details on the register.

The information on the register will be used to assist in pursuing personal injury claims.

If a member is pursuing a personal injury claim as a result of exposure to lead at work, the register will be used to identify members who were employed by the same company or at the same site and trace witnesses who can assist with the claim.

Any member who wishes to record their exposure to lead simply has to complete the questionnaire in the attached link and return it to their regional office.

The regional office will then pass the completed questionnaires to the central database, which maintains the register.

Unite has for some time maintained an asbestos database, which has proved hugely successful in assisting with securing compensation for workers who have been exposed to asbestos at work and later developed an asbestos-related condition. The success of the asbestos register is built upon the large number of members who have completed a questionnaire and recorded their details onto the register. To ensure similar success in respect of the Lead Exposure Register, please therefore ensure that if you have been exposed to lead in the workplace you complete and submit this questionnaire.

Being included on the register does not mean that a legal case has been activated. If a member requires legal assistance as a result of being diagnosed with an illness caused by exposure to lead – or any other personal injury claim – they should contact Unite Legal services on 0800 709 007 without delay.

Download and complete the lead exposure questionnaire here. Alternatively, you can download the lead exposure register leaflet for more information.