Member’s daughter secures compensation after road traffic accident

Unite Legal Services has secured £48,000 of compensation for a young sportswoman who was permanently injured after being run over by a council lorry.  

At the time of the accident, the woman was in the middle of taking her GCSEs when she was hit by a council lorry outside of her school. She suffered permanent injuries and scarring to her right leg and hip, was confined to a wheelchair for three months and was on crutches for a further two months.

A keen sportswoman, she had planned to become a fitness instructor and basketball coach, and was due to attend the National Basketball Trials in Gateshead that year.

Following the accident, she went on to pass all of her GCSEs and eventually train as a lifeguard, although she has had to give up her dream of becoming a basketball player and coach. She still suffers from chronic daily pain in her leg and hip.

Through her father’s membership of Unite, the victim of the road traffic accident had access to legal expertise and representation from Unite Legal Services who went on to secure £48,000 in compensation on her behalf.

She said: “I am still in pain every day, and I’ve never been able to return to basketball, which I used to love. However, I’m really pleased with the settlement and very happy that it’s all over, so I can start to move on with my life.”

Karen Reay, North East regional secretary of Unite, said: “I am pleased that the union has been able to help the daughter of one of our members when the family needed this support.”