Member secures financial settlement and reasonable adjustments after disability discrimination claim

Unite member, Carole Matthews, has secured £1,500 in compensation and agreed a number of reasonable adjustments for her job following a successful claim for disability discrimination against her employer.  

Carole has joint hypermobility syndrome, which affects her mobility and means she has to take medication to manage pain. Carole’s disability means that she needs a number of reasonable adjustments to enable her to do her job as a weighbridge operator.  

She was instructed by her employer to work at a different site, which she was unable to do because of the effects of working at a different location would have on her disability. Despite this, Carole was issued with a formal disciplinary warning. As a result of this, with the support of Unite Legal Services, she brought claims for failure to make reasonable adjustments and disability discrimination.    

Shortly before the employment tribunal hearing was due to take place, Carole entered into a settlement agreement, where her employer agreed to pay her £1,500. It also agreed a number of reasonable adjustments, including the removal of the disciplinary warning, an agreement that she will only be asked to work at a different site as a last resort, and private transport to take her there as well as an agreement that she is provided with regular rest breaks. 

Carole said: “I am very happy that I was able to successfully resolve my case and finally agree the reasonable adjustments I have been seeking with my employer for a long time.  The adjustments mean that I can continue working in my job. I am very grateful for the support provided by Unite Legal Services. I am very happy with the outcome of my case but I should not have been forced to bring the claim in order the get the reasonable adjustments I need to do my job.” 

Ritchie James, North West regional secretary at Unite the Union, said: “I am delighted that Carole was able to agree a favourable settlement and agree the reasonable adjustments that will enable her to continue in her role as a weighbridge operator. Unite Legal Services has fought hard on Carole’s behalf to agree the workplace adjustments, and I am very pleased with the outcome of her case”.