Member struck by van in supermarket car park is compensated

A Unite member has been compensated after she was knocked over by a van in a supermarket car park, leaving her with a head injury and ongoing anxiety issues.

The 73-year-old woman was walking out of a Tesco car park in Bath when a reversing van knocked her to the ground and she cut the back of her head open.

She was rushed to hospital by paramedics where she was treated for the head injury and swelling to her brain.

The member was left with bruising on her face for a month after the incident as well as acute pain to the back of her head from the cut for almost two months.

Doctors have told her that her injury may increase the chance of her developing epilepsy.

Her physical injuries have since healed, but she suffers psychologically and has visited a therapist to manage her post accident anxiety.

She contacted Unite Legal Services who investigated a claim for compensation on her behalf.

She said: “I know that I am lucky to be alive. The pain after the accident was excruciating and I found it almost impossible to sleep for months because of it. Although physically I was thankfully only affected for a few months I’m still learning to manage my anxiety.

“I didn’t even consider driving for more six months after and I still feel nervous whenever I’m around vehicles. The compensation has certainly helped because I know that someone has been held responsible and this is all down to Unite Legal Services. I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to go out and about like I used to.”

Stuart Davies, regional legal officer for Unite South West, said: “The accident happened at lunchtime so visibility was high and the van had actually driven past our member, stopped and then reversed before the collision, which makes it all the more incredible that she wasn’t seen.

“As a result of the driver’s negligence, our member suffered a traumatic head injury that she was lucky paramedics could swiftly begin to treat.

“Drivers have a responsibility to ensure that, behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are responsible road users - especially in busy areas such as supermarket car parks. On this occasion, the driver must simply have failed to look before reversing and he has left a previously active woman substantially injured and with long term confidence issues.”