Member suffers head and knee injuries after traumatic road accident

A Unite member has received compensation following a road traffic accident in which he suffered a head injury and a broken knee.

David Tucker from Burton on Trent was walking across a pedestrian crossing on Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, when a driver, who had failed to stop at a red light, hit David side on and knocked him to the ground.

The 57-year-old underwriter was knocked unconscious and taken to Burton Hospital for treatment.

David’s broken knee required surgery, which involved the implanting of metal supports into the joint. The member also suffered a head injury and memory loss. The broken knee left David immobilised and off work for five months, which included three months of intensive physiotherapy.

David said: “It was very traumatic after my accident. Getting over the shock of being knocked down and unconscious was tough, but adjusting to life with a broken knee made it all the harder.

“I relied on my wife to help me with everyday tasks as I wasn’t able to do anything for myself. My knee will never be as strong as it was. I can’t stand on my leg for long periods of time and I can’t sit down for too long either because my knee gets very stiff.”

After his accident, Unite Legal Services pursued a claim on David’s behalf and went on to secure compensation for him.

Annmarie Kilcline, East Midlands regional secretary at Unite the Union, said: “Drivers have a responsibility for their actions when they choose to get behind a wheel. David was walking on a pedestrian crossing and there is no reasonable explanation as to why the driver failed to see him and didn’t stop in time.

“Careless driving can have terrible consequences and David, while he has progressed well after his accident, had a long period of time off work and daily care from his wife. He now has long-term damage to his knee, and we are pleased that we have been able to assist him get compensation for the terrible consequences of what started out for him as an ordinary day.”