Serious workplace accident results in life-changing injuries for member

A Unite member was involved in a life-threatening accident at work when he was called out to an emergency repair of a metro train which had broken down on the rails outside of the Metro Station.

He was instructed to climb onto the roof and cut through a pantograph. Unfortunately, while carrying out this task, he was dragged off the roof of the train and fell a significant distance, causing serious injuries to his back and spine which eventually lead to him retiring from work on medical grounds.

Liability was disputed throughout the claim by the defendants, but with the support of Unite Legal Services, the claimant successfully went on to recover a six-figure compensation sum which allowed him to move forward with his life after losing a job he loved. Unite Legal Services was also able to help the member access private medical treatment, such as counselling and psychotherapy.

Commenting on his accident, the member said: “While I am still disappointed that I am no longer able to continue at work, I now have financial security for the future. I would like to thank Unite Legal Service for support and guidance at this difficult and stressful time.”

Karen Reay, Unite regional secretary for the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside, said: “Without access to the legal services provided through his union, the member would possibly have been in a situation where his job was under threat and no one to guide him through this most difficult time.”