Unite applies for core participant status in the Grenfell Tower public inquiry

Howard Beckett

Britain’s largest union, Unite announced today (Tuesday 4 July) that it was providing legal representation for a number of the families involved in the Grenfell Tower tragedy and would be applying for core participant status in the public inquiry into the fire.

The union, which has dozens of members who lived in the tower, some of whom have lost their lives, is making the application to ensure that victims’ families and survivors have the expertise and resources to get answers and have their voices heard.

Commenting Unite assistant general secretary for legal services Howard Beckett said: “Individuals on their own simply cannot compete with the resources and legal teams that government bodies and companies can bring to bear on a public inquiry.

“History tells us that this imbalance with the establishment leads to the voices of victims and survivors being ignored, questions going unanswered and justice not being done.

“Unite is determined that this does not happen again with Grenfell and that the voices of victims, our members, their families and the survivors are heard in the Grenfell public inquiry.

“Victims and survivors need answers and action to ensure the horror they experienced will not be inflicted on others ever again. The public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire will have a major impact on the provision of safe, suitable and affordable housing for decades to come.

“By applying for core participant status in the public inquiry Unite will ensure that its full resources and expertise are at the disposal of our members, the survivors and the community to ensure a level playing field and the best possible representation.”

Unite has instructed the legal firm Howe and Co who are experts in the field of public inquiries, to assist in providing legal representation for the Grenfell Tower public inquiry. People requiring representation should contact Howe and Co on 020 8840 4688.