Unite Legal Services states that the ‘time is now’ for an Electoral Reform

Speaking at the Electoral Reform Society's fringe event at this year’s Trade Union Congress conference in Brighton, director of Unite Legal Services, Howard Beckett, called for "a fair system".

Mr Beckett said: “Voters, young and old, have shown in the Scottish referendum and the EC referendum that they want their political voice to be heard and their vote to count.

“The reality is we now live in a multi-party devolved society. In the past people may have perceived a risk that PR would open the door to the right wing but surely now everyone can recognise that the real risk of UKIP is caused by Labour voters feeling disenfranchised by the present electoral system.

“Electoral reform is needed for Labour’s very survival, to allow those in safe FPTP seats to feel their voice is being heard and to bring true democracy to Westminster. The time is now for a fair system.

“As trade unionists, we must accept that FPTP has done nothing for Trade Union rights, we are going backwards each time a Tory government is elected. Electoral Reform and the voting age to 16 are what is needed to prevent right wing Governments on 26% of the popular vote, and to allow for inclusive progressive policies of the left.”