Unite reaction to HSBC job loss announcement programme

Unite, the union which represents staff working across HSBC in the UK, has responded this morning to the announcement that the bank will resume the restructuring program within the organisation with possible job losses of 35,000.

Dominic Hook, Unite national officer, said: “The scale of the restructuring programme by HSBC is the cause of great apprehension amongst the workforce. The news that some 35,000 colleagues are once more at risk of losing their livelihoods is extremely concerning to Unite the union. The question that must be asked today is ‘Why now HSBC?’. At present vast numbers of HSBC staff are making massive sacrifices working from home or taking risks travelling into offices and bank branches to help customers, why now?

“HSBC in the UK is a profitable and successful organisation, in no small part because of its dedicated and highly skilled workforce. The bank must stand by its team now more than ever and recognise their ongoing efforts in making the organisation effective in delivering incredible service to its customers.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis colleagues across HSBC have worked tirelessly as key workers to ensure that consumers continue to access financial services to meet their banking needs. Now is the time for HSBC to stand by its workforce and recognise these mighty efforts and see that the bank’s strength lies within its workforce.

“Unite will continue to oppose any compulsory job losses within HSBC and work vigorously to ensure staff are heard and their jobs protected.”