Unite responds to Theresa May and warns of continuing ‘con trick’

Britain’s largest union, Unite, warned of a continuing ‘con trick’ as it responded to today’s (Wednesday 5 October) speech by prime minister, Theresa May.

Responding, Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, said: “This was a speech which failed to take responsibility for the past six years of Tory government, of which the prime minister was a leading figure, and the policies which have resulted in a country that works just for the privileged while ordinary people increasingly struggle to make ends meet.

“There was no mention of the soaring use of food banks or the explosion in precarious work, nor the damage being wrought on communities by cruel Tory cuts over these past six years.

“So prime minister Theresa May should not be surprised if her sudden concern for working class communities is met with angry scepticism and the promise to take on the vested interests her party represents is seen as laughable.

“If Theresa May is truly sincere about a country for everyone, then she should stop the divide-and-rule rhetoric that lies behind policies like selective education and stop immediately with the nasty message that those who come to these shores to work, to support our NHS and communities are not welcome. 

“Divisive policies laced with dark words will take our country back to bleaker time. If the prime minister wants to turn her guns on the real problem causers in our workplaces and communities, then she should train her guns on the bad bosses who undercut wages and drive good businesses to the wall.

“We are also no further forward in understanding what Theresa May means when she says 'Brexit means Brexit'. She may want to pander to the Tory fold and stave off a blue-on-blue war, but the millions of people uncertain about their futures and businesses considering their place in the UK desperately need detail. Put the country before the Conservative party, prime minister."