Unite tells Liverpool council no more `buck passing’ – Make Hale Road Safe

Unite has called on Liverpool City council to act without delay to address the hazardous conditions on the city’s Hale Road.

The move follows the recent death of a much-loved union member, Cinzia Ceravolo, who, in August, was killed trying to cross Hale Road on her journey home from work at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. 

Airport workers, the union says, have little option but to attempt to cross the dangerous road on their way to and from work. Unite’s members say that they stand ready to give evidence to the council to make the case for the crossing to be made safer.

According to Unite, Hale Road is well-known as unsafe and the community has long feared that a tragedy was inevitable. But neither the police nor the council will accept responsibility for making the road safe. Unite says that the council, which has a 10 per cent share in the airport has a duty to step up.

Unite has launched an open letter to send to the Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, calling for action, which can be found here.

Backing the campaign, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “The tragic loss of the life of a young woman must surely now ensure that Liverpool council steps up to make Hale Road safe for airport workers and the local community.

“No more passing the buck between the council and the police. As a part owner of Liverpool airport, the council must act to prevent further tragedies, and Unite’s members at the airport have their union’s full support in this campaign.”

Cinzia’s loved ones and colleagues have made a film to highlight the dangers of Hale Road and how workers like Cinzia, with low earnings, are forced into using the dangerous crossing. It can be seen here.

Laszlo Marothy, Unite Ryanair rep at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, added: “Cinzia was a much-loved colleague. Full of life and a huge support to all who worked with her. She had a wicked sense of humour and a no-nonsense attitude.

“It makes us so angry that her life has been cut short because she was simply trying to get home from work using a road that has no safe options. We’re fed up with the lack of care by the police, the airport and the council. All we want is to be able to get home safely!

“Unite is calling on the Hale Road community to back our call for Liverpool council, as part owner of the airport, to act. Our members are ready to provide testimony on the dangers of Hale Road and will do all we can to make coming to and from this airport safer.”