Unite warns "callous" Go North West over treatment of 5 ft Tracey Scholes

Unite has warned Go North West in Greater Manchester that it must reinstate bus driver Tracey Scholes on full pay and hours. Britain's leading union has pledged to launch a major campaign to support the Unite member who has given Go North West 34 years of loyal service.

The bus operator changed the specifications on some of their buses, essentially designing Tracey out of her job. The operator repositioned its wing mirrors resulting in five foot tall Tracey being physically unable to operate some buses. Last month, Go North West ruled that Tracey no longer had the capability to drive some buses. 

Following an appeal, Tracey Scholes 57 faces dismissal from her job unless she accepts losing 5 hours in pay a week. It means she'll lose £230 a month driving school buses where the wing mirrors have not been repositioned. Tracey, a widow and a mother of three, needs the work and the money.

Tracey will lodge a final appeal this week, however, her union Unite is warning Go North West that it will defend Tracey's right to keep her job. Management only needs to find Tracey one hour of work a day. 

Go North West is already facing widespread condemnation for its handling of the situation. Unite is pledging to ramp up its campaign to protect Tracey's hours.

Unite's general secretary, Sharon Graham, said: "Unite is determined to defend Tracey Scholes' right to keep her job. With 34 years’ service, Tracey does not deserve to be put through this terrible ordeal over Christmas. Unite will fight for its members’ jobs, pay and conditions especially when an employer behaves in such a callous and disgraceful way."

"The management at Go North West only have to find Tracey one hour of work a day to solve this amicably. It's not much for Go North West but it's a lot for Tracey. Instead, the company seems hell-bent on confrontation. Tracey has her union’s full support and I am ready to ramp up Unite's campaign."