workman crouching down beside a black car, touching and looking towards the rear right tyre


There are more than 720,000 people employed in the automotive industry in the UK and around 140,000 of those directly involved in manufacturing.

Working in the automotive and vehicle building sector means you are likely to be involved in the design, production and repair of vehicles, or the installation of motor components.

At Unite Legal Services, we are fully aware of the potential risks associated with the manufacturing of motor vehicles. Personal injuries caused by accidents at work or health conditions such as repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome or deafness are all common in the automotive sector.

We can provide expert legal help if you suffer from any of these conditions or other industrial diseases or illnesses that affect your health and wellbeing. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure you receive the right training, support and protection to eliminate the risk of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Our specialist solicitors know the automotive sector inside out and have the expertise to help you to make a claim for compensation if you are injured at work.

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