a person carries out laborartory testing and a microscope

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals process and textiles

As workers in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, process and textiles sectors, we know that you will often work in challenging environments. You may be based in a busy factory or even offshore on an oil platform.

Wherever you are based, your employer is responsible for maintaining health and safety standards in your workplace.

At Unite Legal Services, we are aware that use of dangerous machinery and equipment, contact with hazardous substances and high levels of noise and vibrations are just some of the factors that can result in personal injury or industrial disease.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, process and textiles sectors. If you have suffered a burn, break or fracture, repetitive strain injury or contracted an industrial disease, Unite Legal Services can help.

Get expert help if you are injured at work

As a Unite member, you benefit from free advice and support from Unite Legal Services’ expert solicitors who can help you to pursue a claim for compensation.

Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience of working with Unite members in your sector and they will deal with your claim quickly and professionally.

Unlike high street firms who take deductions from damages, there are no hidden costs with Unite Legal Services and members always keep 100% of their damages.

Unite Legal Services can also help with other claims such as accidents on the roads, away from work or as the result of clinical negligence.

We also provide legal support to non-working family members if they are injured in an accident. Our legal cover for family members ensures that you and your family are protected and given the best possible legal care.

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