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Energy and utilities

As the leading union in the energy and utilities sector, Unite works closely with members who work in a range of occupations in power generation and distribution – from water and wind to tidal power, coal and renewable energy.

With the help of our extensive network of shop stewards, we have a track record of safeguarding jobs in your sector and campaigning for improved working conditions for Unite members.

You are entitled to work in a safe environment and your employer has a duty to ensure your health is not affected by the work you carry out.

Unfortunately, vibration-related conditions from operating machinery and musculoskeletal disorders from manual handling are, amongst others, common occupational hazards in this sector.   

If you have suffered an accident or injury at work or if your health has been negatively affected by an industrial disease, Unite Legal Services can help. Our dedicated solicitors have expert knowledge and experience of working in the energy and utilities sector and supporting trade union members. 

Free expert legal advice for you and your family

As a Unite member, you benefit from free legal advice and support from expert solicitors. What’s more, we guarantee you will always keep 100% of any damages secured.

Unite Legal Services can also help with other claims such as accidents outside of the workplace, road traffic accidents, holiday injuries, employment law issues and clinical negligence.

As an added benefit, Unite membership ensures that your non-working family members are also covered for accidents or injuries including personal injuries and serious injuries, such as brain and spinal cord injuries.

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