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Food, Drink & Agriculture

Almost 20 per cent of the UK’s manufacturing workforce is employed in the food, drink and tobacco sector, making it the nation’s largest manufacturing sector.

At Unite Legal Services, we represent thousands of members in this sector who work in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail, catering, hospitality, betting shops and public houses.

We know that you often have to use dangerous machinery, sharp tools or carry heavy objects in your work. It is your employer’s duty to provide you with a safe working environment and ensure that you are given the necessary training and equipment needed to carry out your role.

But accidents do happen, and our extensive knowledge of the food, drink and tobacco sector means you will receive expert legal support if you suffer a work-based injury or have been mistreated at work.

Unite Legal Services can help

As a Unite member you benefit from a comprehensive range of legal services, totally free of charge as part of your membership.

If you would like to make a claim following a work accident or an employment dispute, Unite Legal Services guarantees that you will keep 100% of your compensation.

Our specialist solicitors are also only a phone call away if you suffer an injury, however serious, as a result of a road traffic accident or clinical negligence.

Your non-working family also receive free legal support if they are injured in an accident through our legal cover for family members service.

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