With more than 100,000 members working in healthcare roles, Unite is the leading trade union in the health sector, representing staff who deliver vital services to the public.

At Unite Legal Services we believe that, whatever threats to cut budgets and reform the NHS there may be, as workers in the health sector you deserve equality and fairness in the workplace.

We work hard to protect and support our members, to campaign for minimum staffing ratios, fair pay and job security.

We know that healthcare workers can, and do, suffer from accidents at work and work-related illnesses and we are here to help.

If you have been treated unfairly or if your health has been negatively affected by your working conditions – in hospitals, treatment centres, care homes or other medical environments, Unite Legal Services is here for you.

Make a compensation claim at no cost

Unite members benefit from free legal advice and representation from expert solicitors who have a wealth of experience in pursuing claims for members working in the health sector.

Unite Legal Services is different from high street solicitors. We do not charge members and do not make deductions from your damages. If your claim is successful, you are guaranteed to get 100% of your compensation.

Support is also available for non-working family members. Our legal cover for family members provides protection if they are injured in an accident on the road or elsewhere.

In addition, you and your family are covered for serious injuries including brain or spinal injuries, industrial diseases and clinical negligence.

Start your claim today using our online claim form or by calling Unite Legal Services on 0800 709 007.