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Road Transport, Commercial, Warehousing and Logistics

As a worker in the road transport commercial, logistics and retail distribution sector, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Unite membership; knowing that you will have first rate representation if you suffer a personal injury in the workplace.

As the largest transport union in the UK, we have a long history of representing drivers and non-driving staff, from some of the biggest companies in the industry to smaller local firms, and fully understand the hazards you face on a daily basis.

Sadly accidents are commonplace on the roads, and serious injuries can ultimately result in workers being unable to continue with their employment.

Unite Legal Services offers a wide range of benefits including personal injury cover and employment support.

Unite's DriverCare Scheme provides additional benefits for members in your sector, including cover for assaults and hospitalisation. Members who are part of the DriverCare Scheme can also get compensation for permanent loss of occupational licence due to injury, disability or illness.

We understand the safety concerns of working in logistical and retail distribution and the frequent loading and unloading of heavy equipment and machinery. If your employer fails to give you the necessary training, protection and equipment, and you suffer an injury, Unite Legal Services can help.

Unite Legal Services can be your driving force

Unite Legal Services provides expert legal assistance to members who are injured at or away from work and can assist you with pursuing a claim for compensation.

As a Unite member, you are entitled to legal support and cover for road traffic accidents, serious injuries and clinical negligence.

Non-working family members are also covered for accidents away from work, on the roads or on holiday.

Unite Legal Services will deal with your claim swiftly and professionally and you will receive 100% of your damages. There are no fees, no deductions and no surprise costs.

Start your claim today using our online claim form or by calling Unite Legal Services on 0800 709 007.