Rural and agricultural

For more than a century, Unite has supported agricultural workers from diverse trades including poultry, horticulture and forestry.

At Unite Legal Services, we have long campaigned to highlight that roles in these industries are some of the most dangerous in terms of the risk of serious injury and fatality. 

We are aware that you work with potentially dangerous machinery, vehicles, chemicals and livestock, and often work at height or near pits and silos. The use of heavy industrial equipment is often a cause of injury.

Your roles can be physically demanding and the repetitive nature of the work can cause a range of health problems, including severe back pain and strain injuries.

If you have an accident or injury, Unite Legal Services will provide expert legal advice and support for you and your family.

Unite Legal Services can help if the unthinkable happens

In addition to accidents at work, as a Unite member you are also entitled to legal support and cover for road traffic accidents, brain and spinal injuries, clinical negligence and accidents away from work.

Non-working family members are protected if they have an accident on the roads or elsewhere. 

Unite Legal Services will deal with your claim swiftly and professionally and you will receive 100% of your damages. There are no fees, no deductions and no surprise costs.

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