a man wearing black gloves works in a factory

Ben’s story

I would recommend Unite Legal Services after receiving a first class service from them.

Ben, a CNC machinist, was instructed to trepan through seven inches of Inconel metal. However, the trepanning machine could only drill through three and a half inches at a time.

The core when subsequently removed would have a sharp disc around the middle of it, and Ben was told to stack these cores on a pallet behind him. As he was doing so, one of the cores fell, trapping Ben’s middle finger between two cores. He suffered a laceration to his left middle finger, which cut to his tendon.

Ben was contacted by a specialist personal injury solicitor at Unite Legal Services. Based on the information provided, Ben’s  solicitor proceeded with a claim on his behalf.

Ben’s solicitor intimated a claim to Ben’s employer who denied pre-litigation on the basis that Ben was a qualified machinist, and that gloves were supposed to have been worn and this was identified in a safe system of work.

Following a review of the evidence, Ben’s solicitor was of the view there were reasonable prospects in litigating the case in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court.

Unite Legal Services obtained a medical report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who confirmed that Ben had suffered a laceration to the interphalangeal joint in his left middle finger. 

As a result of his injury, Ben couldn’t do any overtime and lost out on earnings. He also incurred expenses buying medical supplies. His wife provided additional assistance during his recovery.

Medical evidence was disclosed by Ben’s solicitor to the solicitors representing his employer. Following disclosure, a Minute of Tender in the sum of £6,500 was put forward by the defender, which Ben accepted. 

He said: “Unite Legal Services have been great. My lawyer made the whole process as simple and easy as possible. The team were very informative and got me the best possible outcome. I am very happy and would recommend Unite Legal Services to anyone in need.”