David A's story

After my accident I instinctively turned to Unite Legal Services for guidance.

David was calibrating a wheel lathe at work when he slipped and instinctively placed his hand out to break his fall. As he did so, his right glove became trapped between the roller and tram of the wheel lathe, which caused a painful injury to his right hand. 

After the accident, Unite Legal Services obtained reports from a pain management consultant, an upper limb consultant, a hand and reconstructive surgeon and consultant psychiatrist. 

David was left with extensive scars over the dorsum of his hand, which meant he had limited use of it but after a period of rehabilitation, he was gradually able to increase the functionality of his hand and return to work. David’s employer accommodated his hand limitations. 

Despite returning to work, David is still unable to make a fist with his right hand and has difficulty writing. He may also require surgery in the future by way of a joint replacement.   

David said:

“Due to the assistance provided by Unite Legal Services, I know the future is taken care of and, together with my family, we are now able to move on. Me, my wife and sons are happy it is all dealt with.”