Ian F's Story

I received a first class legal service through Unite Legal Services.

Ian was employed by Wood Group as a rigger. In his role, he used tools that transmitted vibration over the course of many years, and, as a result, he suffered hand arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Through Unite Legal Services, Ian was contacted by a specialist personal injury solicitor to discuss his case and a claim was initiated on his behalf.

Following receipt and review of Ian’s medical records, protective proceedings were raised in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court.

However, as Ian was living in England, an initial report was sought from an expert there. Unfortunately, that report was not supportive but provided no firm reasoning for the view reached.

A second opinion was sought by Ian’s solicitors, and a subsequent medical report was instructed. This report was supportive and was disclosed to the defender.

A settlement could not be agreed and, therefore, a liability report was instructed by a consultant ergonomist. The report confirmed there had likely been negligent exposure in Ian’s case.

Throughout the course of the litigated action, the defenders failed to advance any settlement offers. A court hearing was set to take place on 12 September 2023, but shortly before that hearing, the defenders disclosed their own medical report that was not supportive of Ian’s claim. Unite Legal Services’ experts remained helpful and confident in proceeding.

On the day before the hearing, the defenders made a formal offer of £10,000 to Ian. With Unite Legal Services’ advice and guidance, Ian accepted the offer.

Ian  said: “I was very happy with the service I received through Unite Legal Services. I was provided with advice throughout all stages of my claim and kept fully up to date on all progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending Unite Legal Services.”