Julie D's story

After my accident I contacted Unite Legal Services. Some people worry about making a claim against their employer, however, union members should never feel intimidated as they have superb workplace support and legal backing.

Unite member, Julie Dudley, was involved in an accident during the course of her employment at supermarket, Sainsbury’s. On the day of the accident, Julie was working in an area where the lighting was triggered by a motion detector sensor which was faulty. So when Julie walked into her workplace, the lighting did not trigger in time and she wasn’t able to see the items left on the floor, as a result she fell and injured herself. 

Julie suffered a radial fracture to her arm and a fractured cheekbone. 

Julie’s employer failed to keep the lighting in the workplace properly maintained and didn’t address the hazardous items left in areas where people may have an accident. 

Through Unite Legal Services, Julie had access to specialist legal support and a settlement was negotiated on her behalf. 

Julie said:

“Unions are a key in workplace safety. After my accident my union rep made sure that changes were made to improve safety. My employer installed another light and when I next went to that area, it was a lot tidier. 

“The solicitor appointed by the union made sure that the legal process went very quickly - I was very impressed. My claim was settled quickly and I got more than I thought I would. What is more - because I am part of Unite, I got to keep all of my damages. I would like to say a big thank you to Unite Legal Services as they were brilliant throughout.”