Liam's story

I would like to thank Unite Legal Services for all its help in handling my claim.

Unite member, Liam, was walking his family dog when he tripped on a curb stone and fell onto his outstretched hand, which caused a fracture to his left wrist.

As a result of his injury, Liam was absent from work for eight months.

From the outset of Liam’s claim, liability was disputed. However, a lay inspection identified the defect, which confirmed that the curb stone had become dislodged at both ends and moved in a similar way to a seesaw.

Prior to Liam’s accident, complaints about the curb had been made a number of times to Warrington Council but it had not been fixed.

Unite Legal Services went on to settle the claim and secured £4,500 compensation for Liam.

Liam said:

“Throughout my claim the personal support and assistance I received from Unite Legal Services was greatly appreciated. I would recommend that everyone becomes a member of Unite as they don't just support you with work issues.”