Ross P's story

"I would like to thank Unite Legal Services for the way they dealt with my case".

Unite Legal Services has secured compensation for a warehouse operative after he was injured during the course of his employment.

The member was lifting lengths of timber from metal racking. The racking went above head height and workers were supplied with steps in order to reach. As he was carrying the materials away, he was struck on the head by a bundle of timber, which had slipped from the top of the racking. He was not provided with a safety hat. 

The member suffered a cut to his head and soft tissue injury to his neck and shoulders. He could not work for a period of time and was unable to participate in his usual sporting activities. Unite Legal Services successfully negotiated compensation for the member without the need to issue court proceedings. 

Since the incident the height of the metal racking has been lowered significantly. This will reduce the risk of such accidents happening in the future. 

The member said:

“I would not have a problem in the future recommending Unite Legal Services to anyone. Thank you.”