Simon T's story

Unite Legal Services’ procedure for making a claim was very straightforward. I contacted my Union rep from my hospital bed! I had very rapid communication back from Unite Legal Services.

Simon’s accident occurred when a tower gangway that he was walking on collapsed.

As it dropped, a steel hawser wrapped around Simon’s ankles, hoisting him into the air and turning him upside down in the process.

He managed to right himself by holding onto some nearby steelwork. He also spoke into his lapel radio to summon help, but Simon was trapped for between eight to 10 minutes before he was rescued.

He suffered bilateral open tibia and fibula fractures and dislocation of his left knee, which needed emergency surgery. He is left with extensive scarring and some swelling to both legs.

He also suffered psychiatric injury, developing post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression.

Simon has had cognitive behavioural therapy, which has helped improve his symptoms but he still has depression. This is a disadvantage for him obtaining employment on the open labour market.

Simon’s case was settled after court proceedings were issued.

Simon said:

“Unite Legal Services were very, very supportive. Union membership is an invaluable protection.”