William P's story

I would recommend Unite Legal Services following a superb result that they achieved on my behalf.

William, an HGV driver, was collecting household waste from a residential cul-de-sac with two metal 1,280 litre bins.

The wheels on one of the bins were stiff and the bin was difficult to move. William and his colleagues had to push the bin to bring it to the vehicle, and, as they did, the bin suddenly moved forward quickly, crushing William’s hand between the bin and the vehicle.

William contacted Unite Legal Services. His solicitors intimated a claim to his employer who, without reason, denied liability.

Following a review of the evidence, William’s solicitors believed there were reasonable prospects in litigating the case in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court.

William’s solicitors obtained a medical report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. The expert examined William and confirmed he had suffered a crush injury to his right hand with associated laceration.  

There was no claim for loss of earnings. William did need help from his family with household chores for a short period following the accident.

Medical evidence was disclosed by William’s solicitors to the solicitors representing his employer. An initial offer of £4,000 was put forward, and while the offer was within reasonable scope of what may be awarded, his solicitors believed there was scope to increase.

William agreed and after further negotiations, a higher offer of £4,750 was given and accepted. 

William said: “I would recommend Unite Legal Services to anyone in need. My case was handled superbly. I was kept informed about how my claim was progressing and I was pleased with the outcome. I am grateful to Unite Legal Services for the assistance received, and for the smooth process from start to finish.”