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More legal services

In addition to expert legal cover for personal injuries including accidents at and away from work, serious injuries such as brain and spinal injuries, road traffic accidents, clinical negligence and industrial diseases, Unite members also benefit from the following legal services:

Free Unite the Union legal helpline

Members can take advantage of Unite’s free legal advice line: 0800 709 007. Members can call the Unite the Union legal helpline during office hours and seek advice on any legal issue. The service is limited to two telephone calls, of no more than 20 minutes in duration, on any one legal issue. Please note this service is available to members only and not family members. Employment related issues will not be dealt with via the legal helpline and will instead be referred to the member’s region.   

Call the Unite Legal Services’ free legal helpline on 0800 709 007.

Employment law

As a Unite member, you are entitled to expert legal advice and representation for any issues you face at work.

From unfair dismissal to disputes around pay and working hours, Unite Legal Services can provide assistance and employment tribunal representation.

Click here to read more about the legal cover you get for employment matters and access contact details for your local Unite regional office.


As a member of Unite, you can take advantage of Unite Legal Services’ reduced costs for your conveyancing matters.

Contact your local Unite office for more information.

Work-related criminal offences

Unite Legal Services can provide members with legal assistance in the instance of work-related criminal charges, including for driving-related offences, being brought during the course of your employment. 

The support provided is subject to eligibility and certain terms and conditions, which include up to date membership subscriptions and membership of Unite for at least 13 weeks prior to the date of the alleged offence. 

Unite Legal Services retains absolute discretion to provide support and representation to members on a case-by-case basis. 

For more information about criminal legal assistance and to see whether we can help you, please contact your regional branch today.  

Will writing and powers of attorney

Writing a will is the only way to guarantee that your estate is administered and divided in accordance with your wishes – so it’s important you take the time now to make a will.

Unite Legal Services’ free and simple will writing service can help you prepare for the future and reduce the stress for loved ones after a death. Our expert solicitors will guide you through the will writing process, explaining the stages clearly to you.

We also have expertise in dealing with enduring powers of attorney and controllership orders. 

Contact your local Unite office for more information. Please specify whether you require a single or mirror will. Click here to access the contact details for your local Unite regional office.


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