Bus driver compensated after fall at work thanks to Unite Legal Services

A bus driver was exiting the garage where he worked when he caught his right foot in a chain attached to the safety barrier, causing him to fall and injure himself.

He suffered a tear in his right knee, which required significant treatment and caused ongoing symptoms. His injuries also caused him to have significant time off work. 

While the member’s employer admitted responsibility for the accident, as it had failed to provide a safe means of access to and from his place of work, they argued throughout about the nature and severity of his injuries.

Unite Legal Services supported its member’s case all the way through lengthy medical treatment and legal proceedings. The case settled just before the trial commenced at Court.

Unite Legal Services represented the worker, providing advice and guidance throughout, and brought the claim to a successful conclusion, negotiating a significant amount of compensation on his behalf.

Peter Kavanaghsaid: “If our member’s employer had taken the time to carefully assess the working environment of its employees, he may never have had to face the ongoing trauma and pain from his accident at work.

“This case exemplifies how being a member of Unite can give you vital access to expert legal advice and representation against negligent employers that never want to shoulder the blame. Unite Legal Services made sure that our member received compensation as well as medical treatment for the injuries he sustained.”