Bus driver suffers life-changing injuries after head-on road collision

Michael Cuthbert, a bus driver in Newcastle Upon Tyne, was involved in a serious road traffic accident when another driver drove directly into his path, causing a head-on collision. Unfortunately, the other driver was killed at the scene.

Due to the physical and psychological injuries Michael sustained, he was unable to return to work. He also lost his Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence as a result of his disabilities.

Michael had access to legal expertise through his membership of Unite, and Unite Legal Services investigated his claim and the severity of his injuries. An admission of liability was secured quickly.

It became apparent that Michael required intensive psychological treatment to improve his depressive symptoms and this was arranged promptly. While Michel was having treatment, Unite Legal Services secured interim payments to alleviate his financial concerns.

Once the treatment had concluded and the medical evidence finalised, Michael received a final award of compensation on the basis that he was no longer capable of returning to any form of work and that he required help with gardening and DIY.

Michael said: “I had an excellent service from Unite Legal Services. I was kept fully informed at every stage and its legal team always responded quickly and clearly to any issues I raised. My case was handled with professionalism and understanding.”

Karen Reay, North East, Yorkshire and Humberside regional secretary at Unite, said: “This was a terrible road traffic accident that had tragic repercussions for both drivers. Through Unite Legal Services, we were able to ensure that our member received the compensation and counselling he required.”