Cargo handler wins six-figure payout

A Unite member who broke two limbs in a traumatic fall at an airport has won £150,000 compensation thanks to Unite Legal Services.

The accident happened while the member was working as a ramp agent, loading an aircraft. His foot slipped from a conveyor belt as he closed the aircraft’s rear cargo door and he fell several feet to the ground below.

The airport worker sustained a severe fracture to the left heel, a fracture to the left wrist and the accident also caused psychological injuries.

Although the employer admitted responsibility for the accident, the company tried to pin part of the blame on the injured man. Unite Legal Services vigorously denied this and started court proceedings.

The claim was settled before the court hearing and our team gained the injured man a gross settlement of £150,000 in compensation for his pain and suffering, as well as past and future financial losses.

Regional secretary, Peter Kavanagh, said:“The workplace can be a hazardous place and by vigorously pursuing cases such as these, we hope the union can prevent similar accidents taking place in the future.”