Compensation secured for Unite member injured working abroad

Unite Legal Services has secured compensation for a former storage fitter who injured his left shoulder while working abroad.

The 68-year-old member, who had been subcontracted to work for a company in Holland, was walking through the site when he slipped on a pool of water and fell, rupturing his left shoulder cuff.

Poor lighting in the building meant he was unable to see the water in order to avoid it.

After the accident he was unable to continue working and, following x-rays at a local hospital, he was flown back to the UK where he needed further treatment. Having had to take nine months of sick leave before reaching retirement, he has been unable to return to employment since his accident.

The former fitter contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a compensation claim.

He said: “I had hoped that I would have been able to work until my retirement but this injury put a stop to any of those plans. Had the firm operating the site kept the area safe and well lit, my injury could have been avoided. It is really frustrating.

“The legal side of making a claim for an injury abroad was alien to me, but this was where Unite Legal Services came to my aid. They not only provided legal support but also kept me in the loop with the whole procedure, and I received 100% of the compensation for my injuries.”

“Workplace injuries that are sustained abroad create an extra challenge, as the laws and regulations around health and safety can and do differ between countries, but here, as in many cases before this one, we made sure the member’s employer was held to account for his injuries,” said Mick Whitley, North West regional secretary at Unite the Union.

“Unite worked tirelessly to provide specialist foreign accident advice to our member. It was important the man’s employer was held accountable for its errors, which caused him to suffer the injury in the first place.”