Six-figure settlement secured for member after 21 foot fall

Unite Legal Services has helped a member from Wales secure compensation after he fell almost 21 feet at work, causing him to suffer serious injuries to his back, joints and knee.

The member fell off a ladder while working on a power station. He landed on a metal grate, 60 feet above the ground, meaning he had to be carefully freed by mountain rescue and the fire service.

Paramedics took him to hospital, where it was confirmed that he had broken his back and suffered significant damage to his pelvic joints and knee, with the latter needing 50 stitches.

The member said: “The pain when I landed on the grate was excruciating. I couldn’t move and was trapped – it was terrifying. I don’t even want to think how bad this could have been if I had fallen any further.”

He has not worked since the accident, and has required several operations. Driving and walking long distances continues to cause him pain.

As a member of Unite the union, he was able to turn to Unite Legal Services for support with his claim.

“My employer tried to say I was to blame, but I had filled out all of the health and safety information before I started work and made sure my boots were fit for purpose,” he added.

“Doctors have suggested I could have more surgical procedures but there’s no guarantee it’ll make things any better. I don’t think it’s worth it. I’ve had to accept I’m going to be in pain and will be limited in what I can do for the rest of my life.”

Gareth Jones, deputy regional secretary from Unite the union, added: “We fought relentlessly to ensure our member was fairly compensated for his injuries. His employer’s insurer kept offering settlements that were lower than the sum we deemed appropriate so we had to use our expertise to come to an agreement that was suitable for our member.”

“The compensation will allow him to pay for any future treatment he may need, and his family can have peace of mind that they will remain financially stable in the future.”