Tram driver secures compensation after falling onto tracks

A Unite member who suffered a fractured ankle following an accident at work has received compensation with the help of Unite Legal Services.

Miriam Storey, who worked as a tram driver for South Yorkshire Super Tram Ltd in Sheffield, was walking along the platform at Westfield tram stop to board an outbound tram when she slipped on ice and fell onto the tracks, hitting her head and injuring her ankle.

Miriam was diagnosed with bruising and a fracture to her ankle and required physiotherapy sessions and help with day-to-day activities for a month after the accident. She was not able to return to work for six weeks following her fall and continues to suffer from pain and swelling in her ankle, which a medical expert confirmed is now permanent.

As a member of Unite, Miriam contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a compensation claim on her behalf.

Investigations revealed that there were numerous health and safety failures. It was revealed that although numerous tram drivers and conductors had reported black ice on the platform on the morning of the accident, no gritting had taken place.

Although Miriam’s employer admitted primary liability for the accident, they made allegations in relation to contributory negligence.

Following negotiations, her employer offered a final settlement of £9,500, which was accepted.

Miriam, who has worked for South Yorkshire Super Tram Ltd for a number of years, said: “The outcome of my accident wasn’t just the short-term physical pain and discomfort I suffered, but also the permanent damage that I have been left with.

“This is a situation that could very easily have been avoided. I’m very grateful to Unite Legal Services for its support throughout the legal process. I should never have suffered an injury because of my job, but I’m glad I had the backing of my trade union to make sure I was compensated for my employer’s lack of consideration for my safety.”

Karen Reay, North East Yorkshire and Humberside regional secretary of Unite the Union, said: “An accident at work that results in an injury is a horrible experience. By pursuing her claim through Unite Legal Services, Miriam has received 100% of her compensation for an injury that she should never have suffered, and her employer has rightfully been held solely to account.”