Unite Legal Services secures compensation for member after fall at work

A floor co-ordinator suffered facial lacerations and injuries to her shoulder and leg after tripping in the chiller whilst collecting food for her trolley.

The Unite member’s employer, a large airline catering company, had failed to ensure that all cling film was removed from pallets that had been unpacked in the chiller. She tripped on the obstruction and fell hard onto the concrete floor.

She was treated for her injuries in hospital and underwent further physiotherapy. After her accident she was left with ongoing shoulder pain and scarring to her face.

She contacted Unite Legal Services for advice on seeking compensation for her accident. Her employers admitted partial responsibility for the accident but attempted to claim that she had also been at fault. This assertion was vigorously denied by Unite Legal Services and her employers then admitted full responsibility for the accident.

Unite Legal Services represented the member and brought the case to a successful conclusion, securing compensation on her behalf without the need for Court proceedings.

Peter Kavanagh said: “This case shows how overlooking even the most basic of health and safety measures can lead to accidents and injuries at work.

“Unite Legal Services fought to get significant compensation for our member as well as making sure the airline catering company accepted full responsibility for the accident without a lengthy court proceeding.

“As with all our members, by bringing their claims with Unite Legal Services they are guaranteed to retain 100% of their compensation.”