Unite member compensated after workplace crush injury

A Unite member whose finger was crushed in machinery at work has received compensation of more than £8,000.

The Derbyshire textiles firm worker was changing a roll of laminate on his machine when the bar it was attached to fell, trapping the little finger on his left hand between it and the machine.

He was treated for a fracture at hospital and had to have three months off work as the pain and lack of grip in his finger meant it was unsafe for him to do his usual manual jobs. He returned on light duties and continues to experience pain and stiffness in the injured finger. Doctors have warned him that the pain may be permanent.

Since his accident, the employers has added extra safety precautions to the machines to avoid similar incidents happening.

He contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a claim for compensation.

“I find it frustrating that it took an injury for my employer to investigate better safety precautions for machinery,” he said. “Losing three months of work was a huge burden financially but what’s worse is that I’ve had to accept that I will likely suffer pain in my finger for the rest of my life.”

“If it wasn’t for the help of Unite, I would have been at a complete loss.”

Kevin Hepworth, East Midlands regional legal officer at Unite the Union, said: “We have years of experience in bringing claims against negligent employers who fail to properly protect their employees. Our member was doing his job correctly but has paid the price for a lack of safety, causing him ongoing pain that could have been easily avoided.

“While his employer has since changed its safety precautions, this has come too late for our member, who continues to suffer as a result of its negligence.”