Unsafe work equipment causes permanent tendon damage to member’s fingers

A Unite member who permanently damaged his fingers at work has received more than £8,000 in compensation.

The 65-year-old from Isleworth in Middlesex suffered tendon damage to his little and ring fingers after using an unsafe drill at work.

The two fingers are permanently bent as a result of the accident, which happened when his work glove became snagged in the drill bit, causing his fingers to twist.

The drill supplied should have had a safety handle.

He needed surgery on his fingers and had to take several days off work before returning on light duties.

The member said: “I’d advise anyone who has an accident at work to consider claiming compensation straight away.

“I’ve learnt to adapt to my injuries but there are still some things I’m unable to do. My fingers look horrible and I’m very aware that they are disfigured.”

Peter Kavanagh, regional secretary at Unite, said: “This member’s case shows the expertise our legal services can offer. This member suffered permanent injury to his fingers which means he now finds it difficult doing certain manual tasks. It is only right he is compensated for an accident, which could have been avoided had his employer supplied him with the correct equipment.”