Workplace injury forces Unite member into early retirement

A former factory worker has received substantial compensation after an accident at work led to his early retirement.

The Unite member was walking past a milling machine in a factory in Deeside, north Wales when he tripped over a box that had been placed out of sight. As he tried to regain his balance, he slipped on a patch of oil and fell onto the concrete floor twisting his right knee.

The milling machine had been undergoing repairs the day before his accident, but the tools were not removed from the area and oil had leaked from the machine onto the floor.

The accident worsened the effects of a pre-existing arthritic condition and the member was unable to work for almost a month. Although he did return to work for two years, the ongoing pain from the injury meant that he became incapable of physical work and as a result he was forced to retire early.

The member reported the accident to his manager and the business then began cleaning its workspaces more frequently.

He contacted Unite Legal Services to investigate a compensation claim.

The member said: “It wouldn't have taken much effort to clear up after the day shift, but they didn't and as a result I'm now in constant pain.

“I used to enjoy gardening and doing DIY around the house, but now my arthritis is so bad that I struggle to even move. I had worked with the milling machine for years; I knew what I doing and enjoyed doing it but that's all been taken away from me.

“The pain isn't going to get any better, but my compensation means that I can at least find ways to manage it as time goes on.”

A spokesperson from Unite Legal Services said: “The abandoned tool box and spilt oil effectively set up a trap that caused our member his job and left him permanently disabled.

“With the support of Unite Legal Services the member has received 100% compensation for his injuries and financial losses.”